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Class 7 Science Ncert Book

S.NoChapter NameDownload Link
1Nutrition in PlantsClick Here
2Nutrition in AnimalsClick Here
3Fibre to FabricClick Here
4HeatClick Here
5Acids, Bases and SaltsClick Here
6Physical and Chemical ChangesClick Here
7Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals of ClimateClick Here
8Winds, Storms and CyclonesClick Here
9SoilClick Here
10Respiration in OrganismsClick Here
11Transportation in Animals and PlantsClick Here
12Reproduction in PlantsClick Here
13Motion and TimeClick Here
14Electric Current and its EffectsClick Here
15LightClick Here
16A Precious ResourceClick Here
17Our LifelineClick Here
18Wastewater StoryClick Here

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